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Paintball for Four Gift Experience
Paintball for Four Gift Experience
Paintball for Four Gift Experience
Paintball for Four Gift Experience
Paintball for Four Gift Experience
Paintball for Four Gift Experience
Paintball for Four Gift Experience

Paintball for Four Gift Experience

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Dodge exploding pellets and gun down the enemy in simulated skirmishes. Not only is paintballing great fun, it will test your skills of endurance, quick-thinking, leadership and teamwork. You'll be running around purpose built imaginative battle-fields, capturing the enemy’s HQ, kitted out with semi-automatic guns and all the essential paintball gear. Whichever battle you're thrown into, you can be sure of an amazing day of paint-filled fun!

About Paintball for Four

The day will begin by getting fully kitted out with full head and body protection and dependent on location, as you could even receive a combat suit. After a safety briefing and target practice, let the games begin. You and three friends will enjoy a full day's paintballing using the latest USA-spec, rapid-fire machine guns with a hip-mounted 400-shot battlepack. To get you started, each participant will receive 100 paintballs. To ensure your safety and enjoyment you will be given tuition and supervised by friendly and experienced marshals throughout the day. Some locations also provide a snack, but please check on booking. Your day will finish with a debrief and a rewards ceremony. 

What do I need to know?

  • This voucher is fully exchangeable.
  • You may extend the life of this voucher by 6 months*
  • Restrictions and availability may vary from location to location.
  • Please note, the list of participating locations is subject to change.


How it works

Receiving the voucher:

The gift recipient will find their voucher enclosed within a beautifully designed box, which will also contain a brochure providing further information about their choice of experiences, as well as the history behind the adrenaline-fuelled experience we know and love. 
Activating the voucher:

  • Before the gift recipient books their experience, they will need to visit our dedicated booking website as advised within their box and brochure. They will also be able to view the most up-to-date locations by viewing this link.
  • They then must enter their activation number found in their voucher and follow the online security steps.
  • Once their details have been successfully registered, they will need to write down their unique voucher number in the space provided on the front of the voucher.
Booking the experience:
  • Once the voucher has been successfully registered, they will then receive on-screen booking information, which will also be sent to their email address.
  • Then, all they need to do is book the experience at a location of their chose and prepare for a few hours packed with unforgettable adventure and excitement.


Here’s an idea of what to expect…

A relatively young sport, paintballing made its entrance to the gaming and entertainment world back in 1980s America. The world’s first paintball gun was originally developed by a man named James Hale and was originally designed to shoot paint at trees and livestock. The guns were used by farmers to make it easier to identify their cattle and sheep, as well as marking the boundaries of their land or trees due to be felled. 

Today, paintballing has maintained much of its originial appeal; chasing your friends, or even strangers, around in the woods trying to beat your opponents and by pitting your wits against them in order to complete a challenge. Whilst the set-ups may have become more and more elaborate, featuring an array of different scenarios all designed to create an atmosphere of competition, the excitement and adventure of a simulated battle field is one sure to get your pulse racing.

You will soon form alliances, work out your strengths and weaknesses and even embark on some elaborate double, triple and quadruple bluffs in order to trick the your opponents into making a mistake. Whether you are a crack shot or better at undercover operations, you will have the chance to use your skills to the benefit of your whole team during the course of the game.